Aerial real estate photography - why is it so relevant nowadays?

Aerial real estate photography - why is it so relevant nowadays?

Selling real estate is a real deal nowadays, as this business is continuing to gain popularity. Find your best options with aerial real estate photography. leaving the office.

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Selling real estate is a real deal nowadays, as this business continues gaining popularity nowadays. More people are trying to get real estate, and even more people are trying to sell it. The actual process of learning more about real estate can take years to get familiar with. One thing that remains clear is that in order to have no difficulties selling real estate, it should be presented to a buyer in the nicest way possible. It should look gorgeous on the photos to attract more clients.

Today we are going to talk about real estate aerial photography. Our main goal is to explain what it is and why it is so relevant, as well as important to operate with the aerial approach to making photographs of your real estate.

Basically, it isn’t that hard to explain, because it speaks for itself. Aerial photographs are the photos made with special drones that you can easily buy on websites like Amazon today, or you can get them at any local supermarket that sells electronic goods. It is a type of photo that is done from the sky, using the drone camera attached right to it. You can get a picture of your product from the bird - eye view, and it will look attractive and pleasing. The drones are constantly upgrading through the years, and current models can be easily controlled through the special apps that you can download on your smartphone for free. You simply connect your phone with the drone via Bluetooth and start controlling it. The special feature of making high-quality photos is what we are talking about. Being able to showcase the aerial view of real estate to the customers really sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it? Well, it sure does, as it will definitely attract more buyers. A photo of your product is like a cover of the book - the more attractive it is - the more people will stop by. Aerial real estate photography really makes a great impact, as well as the difference in the way most agents do business. It is quite impactful.

Aerial real estate images with a drone for the real estate market

If there was a question - “do aerial real estate photos really help the market?” the answer would be “yes, they sure do”. Any constant upgrade to the market leads to the growth of customers and ratings. Making quality shots is vital for the market because any search starts with a swipe. Aerial real estate video makes an even bigger impact because a customer is given a chance to see every little part of the house he’s about to buy and make a decision right away. It definitely brings advantages to the ratings and the market overall.

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How much does it cost to make an aerial photo of your house

Professional aerial shots are usually not cheap. Real estate aerial photography pricing starts at around $150 and can go up to $300 - these are the usual prices for the satellite real estate images. If we’re talking about videos - it may come from $300 up to $1000 for the duration of 1 to 5 minutes. It is important to note that the area and the location of the real estate play a huge role.

The answer is yes. You do need a license for any kind of photography jobs associated with the aerial view and drones. The federal law requires you to have a license for a commercial drone pilot in order to operate the drone and take aerial photos for real estate with it.

In the following section, you can learn more about the advantages of making real estate aerial photos, as well as some disadvantages that we find relevant.


  • Attractive, high-quality pictures
  • Better ratings of your business
  • The potential increase of the likeness from the customers
  • Current pictorial view of the landscape that no map can equal
  • Better acceptance from the customers
  • Better surface view

There are definitely more advantages to come. As soon as you start uploading the pictures, you immediately see the difference between aerial real estate photography and ground-based images. Let’s talk about some disadvantages and difficulties that you might face while being in a process.


  • You need a license to start
  • This type of photography can be somewhat more expensive
  • It takes some time to get familiar with the options of the drone
  • Position scales are only approximate and can differ from the actual results

We can’t say that it is ideal. Difficulties can still come in the way pretty easily, and it is common that people have some problems while getting familiar with this type of real estate promoting. But it is still perfect for agents and managers who want to get some better recognition on the market.

Drones are being used for all types of selling - starting with houses and finishing with warehouses. What is a better way to showcase the product to a customer than from a bird-eye view? Here are three cool features that really make a difference and come as an advantage, that are pre-installed on most of the models of the current drones. Aerial real estate photography really gets better with these helpful features.

  • Aerial photography.

As we said, it is perfect for numerous reasons. You will never be able to use the maps to showcase the actual relevant image of your land. The only good way to do it is via the drone.

  • 360-degree panorama

You can make an image of your house and put it into a 360-degree mode. The customers will have a chance to explore every inch of the house and get familiar with it up to the smallest details. It is great and unbelievable.

  • Video recording

It sounds absurd, but you can easily record the whole image of your land or a big house on the video from the aerial view and list it on your website. But even that is not the end. You can make your video in 360-degree and list it to the customers with an ability to scroll over everything they want to see themselves. The future is here!

The market of real estate is currently under it’s best times - there’s a great foundation, the agents are doing their best to be professionals at it, and the idea is constantly being developed. With new features, like aerial photos, the industry is going to continue to grow and develop into something much bigger.